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Legal Definitions by Ford Banks Irwin Solicitors - The Property Lawyers in Manchester

Please note: Not to be used or relied upon without legal advice. These notes are for illustrative purposes ONLY

Fee Simple Absolute in Possession

A term used by Solicitors in Conveyancing and Property Law to describe Title Deeds and ownership of Land. It can be shortened to Absolute Title in Land Registry Title Deeds. 

Fit For Purpose

All businesses must supply goods and services that are fit for purpose.  Commercial Law Solicitors will generally ensure all the terms and conditions of the Agreement include the specification of the work and services required.  There also implied terms covering fit for purpose under the General Law.   See also Fit For Habitation . . . relied upon by Landlord and Tenant Solicitors

Fixtures and Fittings Form

In most Conveyancing Transactions the seller's Solicitors will arrange for the Fixtures Fittings Form to be completed. This from lists all the items that are included in the Sale.  The seller's Solicitors then sends the form to the Buyer's Solicitors.  

Fixed Charge / Floating Charge (also referred to as Mortgage)

This is a Charge (also referred to as Mortgage) secured on assets. Fixed refers to assets that are fixed such as a House, Property, Land. A standard residential mortgage is registered by the buyer's Solicitors as a fixed charge at the Land Registry.  A Floating charge is a charge over items that are constantly changing such as stock of a Business.  Company Law Solicitors will register the floating charge over the assets of the business at Companies House.  

Force Majeure 

French. Generally found in Commercial Agreements by Commercial Law Solicitors . . . rather than rely on the General law the Solicitors will add a Force Majeure clause.  This sets out the circumstances that would excuse delay and possibly total failure to perform the Agreement.  It covers items such as Fires, Labour disputes / Strikes, acts of God etc.

Foreclosure cf. Mortgagees Power of Sale

The procedure used by the Mortgagees Solicitors to obtain possession of a Property following the debtors failure to pay.  


A Forfeiture clause can usually be found in Commercial Leases. Commercial Property Law Solicitors acting for the Landlord use the forfeiture procedure to terminate a Lease whenever the Tenant is in breach of the covenants in the Lease.   


The best grade of ownership over Land.  Property Law Solicitors and Lawyers are able to advise clients on all the other acceptable grades of ownership of Land.