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Legal Definitions by Ford Banks Irwin Solicitors - The Property Lawyers in Manchester

Please note: Not to be used or relied upon without legal advice. These notes are for illustrative purposes ONLY

Bare Licence

The occupier of Land or Property with the Owners consent but without any Legal or Equitable interest in the Land or Property.   Solicitors will often issue a written Licence specifying all the terms and conditions to avoid any disputes.     

Bare Trust

Where Property is held of behalf of a beneficiary and the Trustees can only act in accordance with the instructions of the beneficiaries.  Use: Land Law Solicitors / Wills & Probate Lawyers.

Beddoe Order

A Court Order obtained by Solicitors for the Trustees to allow them to bring or defend any Court Proceedings.  The Solicitors are protecting the trustees as the Court Order allows the Trustees to recoup the expenses of the case from the trust assets without being personally liable to the beneficiaries. 


Collective name given to Judges sitting in the Magistrates Court (or Crown Court).  Use: Solicitors or Barristers being elevated to the Bench


Bequest / Bequeath

Used by Probate Solicitors and Lawyers to describe a gift in a Will other than land . . . usually money or personal items.

Bill of Lading

Solicitors in Shipping Law use this as it is effectively a receipt for goods carried by sea . . .  often issued by the Captain of the Vessel . . . it summarises the terms and conditions of the contract for carriage and acts as Proof of Ownership of the goods.


Solicitors in Commercial Law or Banking Law . . . a written promise to act or refrain . . . often to pay a sum of money plus interest at an agreed rate on a specified date.



Terminology used by Solicitors to describe a failure to perform all or some of your obligations . . .  for example

breach of confidence

breach of contract

breach of privilege

breach of the peace

breach of duty

breach of trust

Break Clause

Solicitors & Lawyers working Leases, Landlord & Tenant, Commercial Law often use Break Clauses . . .  it is a clause in a contract (often a Lease) that allows it to be terminated

Burden of Proof

The level of evidence require in Court Proceedings . . . 

balance of probabilities - in Civil Law

beyond reasonable doubt - in Criminal Law

Solicitors & Lawyers weigh up the evidence available in assessing the prospects of success.