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Manchester Conveyancing Solicitors Property Lawyers | Ford Banks Irwin Solicitors in Manchester on Fees for Selling / Buying a House / Flat / Apartment. 

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Solicitors Fees for Buying / Selling a House / Apartment / Flat
Buying a House / Flat off Plan from Property Developers / Estate Agents - New Builds

Land Registry may need to contact the Property Solicitors and Conveyancing Lawyers when the application has ended up at a Land Registry office in a different area.  Generally, until an application is sent to the local area office, it has not been delivered and cannot be accepted. Any fee sent with the application will be returned. Where Land Registry are able to identify any substantial issues in the application, they will also explain what steps need to be taken to complete the application when relodged.

Under rule 16(3) Land Registration Rules 1003 Land Registry can return an application on delivery or at any time thereafter where it appears to them to have substantial issues.  When Land Registry return an application they will return to the Property Solicitors and Conveyancing Lawyers all the papers and documents originally enclosed. Land Registry will also state the reason for the return so that the issues can be addressed before the matter is relodged. Any fees sent with the application will be returned unless the matter is returned payment has been presented, in which case the fee will be retained and either credited to a renewed application or refunded upon request.

Time Limits

Land Registry aim to identify any issues and return an application on the day of receipt. With the exception of applications lodged without a fee and applications for discharge.  Where the matter has been at the Land Registry for three business days any issues identified thereafter will not result in the matter being returned to the Property Solicitors and Conveyancing Lawyers. After three days have passed the matter will retain priority and will be dealt with by way of requisition.

Application Checklist

Issues concerning Delivered applications

Local Land Registry Office details
- the local area office can be found on the official search with priority
- the local office list is also available online

The Land Registration Rules 2003 prescribe forms for use with applications and dispositions.
- the disposition forms prescribed by the LRR should be used as follows:
* AS1 for an assent of whole
* AS2 for an assent of charge
* AS3 for an assent of part
* TP1 for a transfer of part
* TP2 for a transfer of part under a power of sale
* TR1 for a transfer of whole
* TR2 for a transfer of whole under a power of sale
* TR4 for a transfer of a charge or portfolio of charges
* TR5 for a transfer of portfolio of titles (whole or part).

- applications that use an old-style application or disposition form other than AP1, FR1 or DS2 after 9 February 2009 unless its use is expressly required by:
* an agreement entered into before 10 August 2008;
* an Order of the Court, or
* an enactment
are usually returned to the Property Solicitors and Conveyancing Lawyers.

Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT)

Stamp Duty Land Tax applies to most transactions dated on and after 1 December 2003.

Land transactions fall into three categories, namely:-
- those requiring notification to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) and the completion of a land transaction return. HMRC will issue a land transaction return certificate as evidence that SDLT has been accounted for on the transaction notified in the return. Property Solicitors and Conveyancing Lawyers should submit the original certificate or submission receipt to Land Registry when registering the transaction.  


(All italics in this page are Crown Copyright and reproduced here for your information with permission from HM Land Registry)

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